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Risk management Strategy - 2023/24-2025/26

Meeting: 23/03/2023 - Executive (Item 74)

74 Strategic risks 2023/24

The Executive Member for Corporate Policy and Resources.

Supporting documents:


RESOLVED – that the Executive:

(i)               Approves the strategic risks for 2023/24 as detailed in Annex 1 of the report to Executive.


The Deputy Leader and Executive Member for Finance and Governance, Councillor Schofield, set out the proposed Strategic Risks for the coming 2023/24 financial year as set out in the covering report and Annex 1. Strategic risks were those risks that have an impact on the medium to long term priorities of the Council as set out in the Corporate Plan and Medium-Term Financial Plan.

The Strategic Risks had been reviewed in consultation with the risk owners and, where necessary, had received contextual updates to reflect the anticipated position on 1 April 2023.

The Audit Committee had considered the report at its meeting on 15 March 2023 and had made no formal observations or recommendations to the Executive.

There were no comments from Executive or Visiting Members.

RESOLVED – that the Executive:

(i)               Approves the strategic risks for 2023/24 as detailed in Annex 1 of the report to Executive.

Meeting: 15/03/2023 - Audit Committee (Item 40)

40 Strategic risks - 2023/24

The Committee notes the identified strategic risks for 2023/24 as detailed in annex 1 and make any observations to the Executive.

Supporting documents:


The report identified the Council’s strategic risks for the 2023/24 financial year and outlined the key changes as follows:


The risk on the Coronavirus pandemic has been recommended for closure in Q3.


2022/23 reporting and following approval for closure will not carry through into the 2023/24 risk register.


The risk on cost pressures affecting the viability of Council developments has received a contextual update. This update highlights concerns over higher capital investment requirements being sought by tenants and the importance of ensuring that the Council has appropriate funding/incentive to encourage commercial lettings.


The risk on Gatwick Airport has also received a contextual update with focus on the airports planned expansion and the uncertainty that this may bring.


The risk on Planning System reform has been updated. The key concerns regarding this risk have shifted away from potential restrictions on affordable housing delivery and now focus on concerns regarding uncertainty stemming from changes to the National Planning Policy Framework.


There is currently lack of clarity over what the revised National Planning Policy Framework will change. If radical changes are introduced this may create additional complexity for the Council which could lead to delays in implementation of the new local plan and/or impact on the Council’s ability to achieve the objectives set out in the new Local Plan.


This would be reported to the Executive on 23 March 2023.


RESOLVED that the Committee notes the strategic risks for 2023/24 and makes no observations to the Executive.