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Development Management Plan: Main Modifications and Local Development Scheme

To consider an update in relation to the Development Management Plan (Main Modifications) and Local Development Scheme.  


Councillor K. Foreman, Executive Member for Planning Policy, submitted a report that sought the endorsement of the proposed Schedule of Main Modifications to the Development Management Plan (DMP) for a period of public consultation as part of the examination process.

Following the examination hearing sessions into the DMP in October/November 2018, it was highlighted that the Council had received initial findings from the Inspector. In response to questions, Councillor Foreman explained that the Council had received a Post Hearing Advice Note which had set out a number of Main Modifications which the Inspector considered necessary in order to secure the soundness of the Plan. It was noted that the positive feedback from the Inspector reflected the hard work that the Council had put in to preparing the document. 

It was explained that the Main Modifications, set out in the report presented, would be subject to a six week period of public consultation and that following this the Inspector would be in a position to draft a Final Report.

In order to finalise the Schedule prior to consultation the Executive Member for Planning Policy explained that there was on-going dialogue with the Inspector. It was noted that this was likely to result in some tweaks or additions the Main Modifications and that delegated authority was being sought to make these changes in order to avoid any delay.

In response to questions, it was made clear that the endorsement sought from the report, and the proposed consultation, focused on the Main Modifications and did not represent an opportunity to re-open other aspects of the DMP. It was also highlighted that the Main Modifications were essentially those that the Inspector had identified as being necessary in order to make the DMP sound. It was noted that failure to accept them for consultation would risk the plan being found unsound.

During the discussion a number of issues were considered, including matters relating to:

-       Policy MLS1: Managing land supply;


-       Policy MLS2: Safeguarded land for development beyond the plan period;


-       Policy DES6: Affordable Housing


-       Policy TAP1: Access, parking and servicing;


-       The National Planning Policy Framework; and   


-       The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).

Councillor Foreman concluded by explaining that the report also sought approval for a revised Local Development Scheme (LDS). This set out the Council’s timetable for preparing Local Plan documents. It was noted that the revisions reflected the fact that the examination of the DMP had taken longer than envisaged, resulting in a slightly later expected adoption date. It was also highlighted that the revised LDS set out an updated timetable for bringing forward a replacement for the Council’s Core Strategy. This would ensure the Borough continued to have robust, relevant and appropriate local planning policies.       


(i)            The Development Management Plan: Schedule of Main Modifications, set out in Annex 1 of the report presented, be endorsed for public consultation and that the Head of Planning, in consultation with the Executive Member for Planning Policy, be authorised to make any necessary amendments to the document as may be suggested by the Planning Inspector prior to public consultation and to collate and submit representations arising from the consultation to the Planning Inspector as part of the examination process.


(ii)          The revised Local Development Scheme (LDS), set out in Annex 2 to the report presented, be adopted and take immediate effect.

Reason for decision: To support the Development Management Plan through the examination process and to ensure an up to date Local Development Scheme is maintained by the Council.

Alternative options: To not endorse the Main Modifications to the Development Management Plan, or to suggest alternative Main Modifications to the Development Management Plan, for public consultation and/or not to approve the revised Local Development Scheme.

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