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Quarter 1 Performance Report 2021/22

Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Finance and Governance and the Portfolio Holder for Corporate Policy and Resources.


The Executive Member for Corporate Policy and Resources, Councillor Lewanski, explained that the report outlined the Council’s performance up to the end of Quarter 1 of 2021/22.


Councillor Lewanski introduced the Key Performance Indicator report by noting that, out of the 10 KPIs, 2 were red rated. KPI2, which related to business rates collection, was red rated as a business rates relief recalculation led to a number of Q1 instalments being set back to 1 August. Rate collection had been recalculated for the remainder of the year and it was expected that collection would improve in future quarters. In addition, £166k had been held in suspense and, if factored into the Q1 total, the KPI would be within tolerance.


Councillor Lewanski explained that KPI10, which related to recycling, did not meet the target but noted that Q4 of 2020/21 was the best Q4 result recorded by the Council. Councillor Lewanski explained that an increase of 2,500 in net tonnage in paper and card was not enough to offset an increase in refuse and fly tipping, and the loss of garden waste tonnage due to the suspended service in Q1 of 2020/21. The Council remained committed to increasing the recycling performance and 500 additional flats had been added to the kerbside recycling service since April 2021. In June 2021, the monthly recycling rate exceeded 60% for the first time.


The Chairman of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee, Councillor Harrison, explained that the report had been considered by the Committee at its meeting on 9 September 2021. The Committee had been pleased to note that the 60% recycling target had been reached for the first time in June. The Leader of the Council noted that the highest performing authority achieved a recycling rate of 64%, and that the future target of 65% by 2025 was in the right realm.


The Deputy Leader and Executive Member for Finance and Governance, Councillor Schofield, outlined the Revenue Budget and Capital Programme performance for Quarter 1 of 2021/22.


The projected full year outturn for the Revenue Budget was £17.67m against a management budget of £17.696m. The Council was confident that income streams had started to be restored following the pandemic, but the main area of concern remained parking income. A very cautious approach had been taken in the forecasts, and therefore the predicted parking income loss was £1.7m against an income budget of £2.7m. Councillor Schofield explained that this shortfall could be funded on a one-off basis through drawing on £2m earmarked reserve that had been set aside last year in anticipation of the challenges.

Ongoing impacts of the pandemic on income streams would be accommodated within future budget-setting decisions. This would be addressed as a priority during budget-setting for 2022/23.


Councillor Schofield noted that while some expenditure was still being incurred to deliver the Council’s continued pandemic response, it was forecast to be funded within the grants made by Government. In 2020/21 the Council received 43 separate grants totalling over £52m, 80% of which had been distributed to the appropriate businesses and residents and the rest was carried forward into this year. In addition, the Council had received 13 separate grants in 2021/22.


In terms of the Capital Programme, Councillor Schofield explained that the forecast was £56.29m which was 60% below the approved Programme. This was due to forecast slippage of budgets as the related business cases had yet to be developed, and a small net underspend. Business cases would be developed in due course as the Council implemented strategies in those areas.


The Chairman of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee, Councillor Harrison, explained that the Overview and Scrutiny Committee had considered the report at its meeting on 9 September 2021. The Committee had:

·       Expressed concern about income loss as a result of the pandemic and noted the challenge that would be for the budget next year

·       Noted that a management fee proposition had been received from the Council’s leisure contractor

·       Noted that loss of commercial income and rent had been much smaller than other authorities

·       Noted that commercial investment should result in savings

Councillor Harrison thanked the Executive Member and stated that the Committee look forward to working with the Executive during budget-setting for 2022/23.




1.    To note Key performance Indicator performance for Q1 2021/22 as detailed in the report and at annex 1.


2.     To note the Budget Monitoring forecasts for Q1 2021/22 as detailed in the report and at annex 2.

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