Issue - decisions

Service and Financial Planning 2020/21 - including Council Tax Policy Change

12/11/2019 - Service and Financial Planning 2020/21 - including Council Tax Policy Change


(i)             A new Council Tax Policy, outlined in the Executive’s report, to apply a 100% discount to care leavers up to the age of 25 be adopted.

(ii)           The updated thresholds to the Local Council Tax Reduction Scheme, outlined in the Executive's report to reflect changes in allowances and premiums in line with Government benefits, be adopted.


(i)             The national and local service context, outlined in Annex 1 to the report, be noted.

(ii)            The service proposals, set out in the report presented, which responded to national and local service context to deliver corporate priorities, be endorsed.    

(iii)          The draft business plans for 2020/21 to 2024/25 be approved, and that Heads of Service be authorised to finalise the plans for their service areas, in consultation with the relevant Portfolio Holders.

(iv)          The following be approved for consultation under the Council’s budget and policy framework:

-       Medium Term Financial Plan Summary (Annex 2);

-       Revenue Budget Savings and Additional Income proposals totalling £1.618 million (Annex 3);

-       Revenue Budget Growth proposals totalling £3.742 million (Annex 3);

-       Capital Investment Strategy Summary (Annex 4);

-       Capital Programme Growth proposals of £9.910 million (Annex 5).  

(v)           The Fees and Charges Policy, set out at Annex 6, be approved.

(vi)          The Reserves Policy, set out at Annex 7.2, be approved.

(vii)         The Medium Term Financial Plan forecast for 2021/22 onwards and the proposed action to address the forecast revenue budget gap be noted.