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Nature and environmental crisis

We the undersigned petition the council to 1 Completely re - access the cutting regime across the borough in particular large areas such as Earlswood Common . Staggered cutting instead of cutting large areas all at once 2 Planting of Hedgerows on Earlswood Common especially along the Pendleton Road , which will act as a safe barrier for Wildlife , people and Dogs . 3. Meadow creation using Native Flowers on Earlswood Common , some areas have flowers due to natural rewilding but could be enhanced to help all pollinators, Butterflies, Birds , Bats etc . 4. The management of encroaching Flora such as Bracken and Bramble to stop it taking over habitats , being cut at the appropriate time. 5. The planting of more Trees on Earlswood Common such as Rowan , Hawthorn , Alder Buckthorn . These will be beneficial to both Pollinators and Birds . 6. Bee banks to be installed . Many solitary Bees rely on sandy soil for burrows , they often burrow on paths and struggle. Providing them with an alternative site to nest .

With our Nature in crisis many of us are growing more concerned for the future of our Pollinators and Wildlife in general . Staggering the Cutting on Earlswood Common would greatly improve the number of many Insects as often they fail to complete their life cycle because they are killed by the mowers. Amphibians , small Mammals , Reptiles , Birds , Bats will all greatly benefit from this , even people . Many people I've spoken to enjoy seeing all the different Colours of the Wildflowers, watching the Butterflies and other Insects flying around . It's hugely beneficial to people's mental health and wellbeing .
These small changes will make a huge difference to our nature and it's vital now that we all do everything we can and take responsibility for the damage we are also doing to the environment . More Trees , more Wildflowers will greatly improve air quality as well , this will benefit us all .
I believe that the Earlwood Common Committee have an Ecologist with them , perhaps the Council will consider asking the person if they are happy to give some of their time , knowledge and in put in making Earlswood Common a brighter healthier place for us all

This ePetition ran from 27/03/2024 to 10/07/2024 and has now finished.

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